Fleckner Stanz- und Schweißtechnik



“For four generations now, we have been proud to be a family-run company that is now in its ninth decade. Founded in 1937 by our great-grandfather in picturesque Kahley, we started out as a modest small ironworks. In the course of the company’s 85-year history, however, we have constantly evolved and are now more than ever a shining example of success and consistency.

Our heritage stretches from our beginnings in Plettenberg to our current expansions in Bad Berleburg and Werdohl. We are firmly rooted in our German origins and proud to carry the “Made in Germany” label.

Our continuous development is reflected in our impressive number of employees: over 110 dedicated employees are part of our group of companies, spread across three locations. Together, we form a well-coordinated team that impresses with its expertise and dedication to its work.

While we started out as a small ironworks, we have developed into a versatile company over the decades. Our wide range of products and services is the result of our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Our history is one of tradition and progress, and we look to the future with excitement as we continue to meet the challenges of the changing business environment. As a fourth-generation family business, we are ready to tackle the coming years with the same determination and passion that has accompanied us since 1937.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Catharina FLECKNER
CEO / Management Board


Our company has established itself as a cross-industry specialist, offering excellent quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 and outstanding welding certification in accordance with 3834-3. These strict standards reflect our dedication to quality and precision, while we constantly strive for higher standards to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We are in the successfully active in a wide range of industries. In the agricultural machinery industry, we provide efficient and reliable solutions, safety and reliability. We guarantee precision in the aviation industry. We implement technological innovations that influence the market. in mechanical engineering. In retail, we enable smooth processes and customer satisfaction, while the automotive industry relies on our Expertise familiarto meet their demanding requirements. We carry
for the creation of robust and efficient equipment in the

construction machinery sector


Our presence also extends to The electrical industry, where we manufacture electronic components with the highest precision. In the rubber industry, we support the production of versatile products, ensuring reliability and durability
in the commercial vehicle sector

We contribute to efficiency and safety in rail transportation, and we also focus on performance and efficiency in engine construction. After all, we support the shipbuilding industry in creating seagoing vessels of the highest quality.

Our broad industry representation demonstrates our ability to meet a wide range of requirements and offer customized solutions. We are proud to be present in so many important sectors and to play an active role in shaping the development of these industries.


Over a period of more than 80 years, the Josef FLECKNER company has lived through a remarkable history. The company was founded in 1937 in the Kahley area of Plettenberg. The course for the future was set in 1951 when Josef FLECKNER handed over the company to his successor Karl-Heinz FLECKNER and the company was renamed Josef FLECKNER KG.

During these years, we have not only invested in our physical infrastructure, but have also
We have driven forward the digitalization of our business processes. The pandemic forced us to find new ways
to stay in contact with our customers and business partners, which is the
made digitization a necessity. This led to improved communication,
more efficient work processes and a better understanding of our customers’ needs.

Overall, the years from 2020 to 2023 reflect a phase of change and adaptability of our company. We have mastered the challenges posed by the pandemic, our operations and strengthened our technological base. This story shows that even in difficult times, there are opportunities for growth and development if you are prepared to innovation and commitment.

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