Fleckner Stanz- und Schweißtechnik



Adequate raw material storage is crucial for our business, as we process a wide range of materials. Our focus is on the processing of micro-alloyed and unalloyed steels, stainless steels, aluminum, copper and brass in the form of strips, sheets and strips.

These materials vary in thickness from an extremely thin 0.05 mm to a robust 20.00 mm. Our coils can also have an impressive width of up to 900 mm.

This means that we always have a sufficient quantity of primary material in stock to be able to react flexibly to orders and avoid delivery delays. Our warehousing is precisely organized and ensures that the materials are available in the best possible quality when they enter the production process. This enables us to manufacture high-quality products while meeting the requirements of our diverse customer base.


We attach great importance to efficient warehousing in our three plants. We use storage space in two of these plants to optimize weekly internal transport and to serve small customer warehouses.

At our plant in Werdohl in particular, we concentrate on stockpiling materials for further processing and on-time delivery to our customers.

On over 7000 square meters, we ensure that our production runs smoothly and that our customers are always satisfied.


Through targeted investments in state-of-the-art packaging systems, our Werdohl site has significantly optimized the internal service for the continuous shipping of our own products. These modern systems are equipped with an integrated 2-track synchronous conveyor system, which enables fully automatic stocking, conveying, separating, positioning and filling of various packaging materials such as KLT containers, cartons, film bags and large-capacity cartons.

A particular highlight is the ability to print directly and individually on foil pouches using thermal transfer printing, which offers our customers the flexibility to label their products in a unique way. In addition to the automated packaging processes, we also have manual packaging stations to respond flexibly to different requirements and quantities.

However, our service goes far beyond simple packaging. We also offer precise account management for exchange goods reconciliation for pallet cages and customer-specific containers to ensure that the right materials are always available and that our customers are optimally supplied at all times. These investments in state-of-the-art packaging technologies and our comprehensive service ensure that we achieve the highest quality standards and efficiency in our shipping process.



"I am a trained Freight forwarding clerk and have recently joined the Shipping team in Werdohl. I am proud of the fact that I have a positive perception and can quickly apply myself in different areas. I'm particularly pleased that the management is proud of the fact that employees can help out across plants and pass on the specialist knowledge they have learned."


Team shipping Werdohl

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