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Many of our customers still remember FLECKNER’s beginnings as a small ironworks. Time has passed, but our history clearly shows that FLECKNER has much more to offer than just the manufacture of small parts in series production.

Today, we are proud to manufacture assemblies weighing up to 20 kg per item for customers on a national and international level. We support our customers not only as a supplier, but also as a competent consultant and advisor, both in the area of individual drawing parts and in the extensive DIN parts program.


We place the highest value on precision and quality in our production process for metal parts. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We produce customized items based on detailed drawings, material specifications and surface instructions. Steel, stainless steel, copper and brass are used as high-quality raw materials to meet the diverse requirements.

Drawing parts

Stamped and bent parts
Punched products
Deep-drawn parts
Aluminum parts
Laser articles


Welded assemblies
Article with adhesive beads

DIN Article

Sealing cap
(also abnormal)
Fuse plates &
Shutter disks
according to DIN 93, 432, 442, 443
462 463, 470, 70952


80% of the product development process is based on customer drawings. These form the fundamental inspiration and guideline for our development work.

We turn customer ideas into development articles, working closely with our customers to realize their visions.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. We produce prototypes and samples to ensure feasibility and quality. We also support our customers right through to series production and are at their side every step of the way. This results in unique, customized products that fully meet customer requirements.


A central component of our production range is the manufacture of assemblies from laser, punched and bent parts. These precisely cut parts are welded together with screws, nuts and bolts to create robust assemblies that guarantee both high stability and absolute dimensional accuracy.

Another focus of our production capabilities is the welding of multiple metal parts. The result is extremely robust assemblies designed for demanding applications. Careful welding ensures a durable connection and high load-bearing capacity.

Overall, we offer customized solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers. Our production processes are synonymous with precision, reliability and quality, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality assemblies that meet the highest standards. Rely on our experience and technology to realize the perfect assemblies for your specific needs.


In our DIN article segment, we attach great importance to a large number of products that are manufactured strictly in accordance with the standards of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

Our lids, both standard and non-standard, are characterized by their impressive variety and high quantity. We attach great importance to meeting the exact specifications in accordance with DIN 443 to ensure that our products comply with the strict standards.

Our locking plates and washers, manufactured in accordance with DIN 93, 432, 442, 462, 463, 470 and 70952, also contribute to our reputation as a reliable manufacturer. The versatility and precision of these products make them indispensable components in numerous applications.

With a clear focus on quality and conformity to standards, our products in the DIN article segment are the first choice for customers who want to achieve the highest standards in their applications.


Our DIN 443-compliant screw caps, in the form A and form B versions, are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications where a reliable seal and secure closure are required.

We also offer these high-quality lids in stainless steel to meet the highest standards of durability and corrosion resistance. Our DIN 443 sealing caps are characterized by their precise dimensional accuracy and robust design. They are available in various sizes to meet the different requirements of your application. Our stainless steel variants also offer excellent resistance to environmental influences, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Another advantage of our lids is the variety of available surfaces.

We know that different applications have different surface quality requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of surface treatments to ensure that our lids meet your needs. In our current statistics you will find the most common surfaces that we offer for our lids. The 5 most popular surfaces include:

Zinc Nickel
V2A oil-free/grease-free
inside TExt
Blank - St oily


"As a trained industrial clerk, I have gained extensive practical experience in sales. The move to FLECKNER in 2016 proved to be a decisive step in my career. Since then, as Key Account Manager, I have been able to make a significant success of the company. The promotion to Team Leader Sales in 2023 is not only a confirmation of my of my achievements to date, but also an incentive for future challenges. I am looking forward to leading my team and continuing to make a significant contribution to the growth of FLECKNER."


Sales team

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